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Loving Care Cleaning & Referral Service is a BBB Accredited Cleaning Service in Memphis, TN


Our Mission here at Loving Care Cleaning and Referral Agency is to not only bring comfort and beauty to the homes and businesses of our many valuable clients, but to also assist women in their pursuit of the American dream by helping them build their own place in the business world.

Lorenalee encourages each of her applicants to take charge of their own lives and destinies, by applying for a business license so; they too become a business owner. Lorenalee explains the difference to them of being an employee, and being your own boss, your own business owner. That while there are certain responsibilities attached to the owner/operator title...there are also many benefits. And with this title there also comes a pride in ownership.  Lorenalee is not afraid of creating good healthy competition, but instead embraces it and believes that if we know there is always someone who can replace us, we will work harder to achieve excellence!!