In 2009 Lorenalee answered a small add in her then local newspaper the, "Rancho Cordova Grapevine” (which by the way Lorenalee delivered this newspaper when she was 12 years old!). The ad was for a housekeeper. Upon answering the ad, she learned that this company required her to get a business license and create her own cleaning business. They explained that all their housekeepers were independent contractors and were responsible for their own taxes. They explained the layout of the business in that they were simply a referral service. On one hand they had independent contractors who needed work, and on the other hand they had homeowners and business owners who needed their homes and businesses cleaned. So, a long story short Lorenalee Campbell’s cleaning service was born in the greater Sacramento valley.

Lorenalee made up a few business cards and began handing them out to different people all the while taking different jobs from this referral service. She put 110% into her work, and listened to her clients and cared about their needs. She kept a detailed card on each of her clients. She noted their preferences, and priorities. Before long, she was working full time. One day a friend of hers asked her if she had any work for her and Lorenalee said "No but if anything comes up I will let you know." Which started her thinking why couldn't I do the same thing Nancy is doing. I can pass along a job to someone, and collect a small fee for finding the client. Before too long several jobs came up, and Lorenalee started passing them along to her friends, always collecting a small fee for doing the footwork, and now advertising her growing business, it worked out well until one day Lorenalee made a life changing decision.... She decided to move to Memphis, Tennessee to be closer to her oldest daughter and her family. Lorenalee also knew that if she waited too much longer that the children would be grown and she would have missed their whole childhoods. She also knew that if she could build a business in Sacramento she could in Memphis as well (God willing). Before making the final decision she talked to her clients and let them know what she was planning on doing and assured them that she would find a replacement before she left. She picked one of her friends who cleaned the most like she did, and had the same love for the clients and for cleaning and offered them the client list. Always keeping the best interest of her beloved clients at heart!

After moving to Memphis, Lorenalee spent her time staying home to love and care for her then 4-year-old granddaughter, and 8 and 12-year-old grandsons while their mom and dad went to work. She enjoyed helping her little granddaughter Kiley learn her ABC's and 123"s. After Kiley started kindergarten, Lorenalee enjoyed doing some volunteer work at the school reading to the children and helping them with some of their tasks, and even helping with their reading skills. But as all good things do.... the kindergarten year came to an end, summer passed, and it was time to start going back to work!

Lorenalee looked up the different cleaning companies in Memphis and realized that none of them were doing what Nancy had done in California. The prices were extremely high and the housekeepers were paid low wages (in some cases). Through word of mouth Lorenalee managed to secure a few cleaning jobs here and there, and thanks to the help of God, and a dear friend she was able to post a flyer in her uptown hair salon. And once again, before long she was getting referrals for their friends and families, and she found herself with more clients than she herself could handle. So, Lorenalee began searching for housekeepers who loved to clean, loved people, and had a high moral compass.

How it works!

Lorenalee encourages each of her housekeepers to take charge of their own lives and destinies, by applying for a business license they too become a business owner. Lorenalee explains the difference to them of being an employee or being your own boss, your own business owner. That while there are certain responsibilities attached to the owner/operator title...there are also many benefits. And with this also comes a pride in ownership. Lorenalee is not afraid of creating good healthy competition, but instead embraces it and believes that if we know there is always someone who can replace us, we will work harder to achieve excellence!!Type your paragraph here.