Thank you for calling Loving Care Cleaning and Referral Service. Our standards are the highest. With confidence, we refer individual cleaning businesses. These cleaning businesses are dedicated to conducing their businesses in an honest, courteous, professional manner.

  • The cleaning business referred to you carries theft & damage coverage for your home valued at up to $1,000.00 (Theft pay only upon conviction.)

  • The cleaning business referred to you will not work for you privately; to do so would constitute a breach of contract, would be dishonest toward the agency and would cancel the theft & damage coverage.

  • Payment for services may be paid in cash, check or a major credit cards made payable to Loving Care Cleaning and Referral Service.

  • The cleaning businesses registered with Loving Care Cleaning and Referral Service have stated that they do pay their own taxes and liability insurances.

  • The cleaning businesses' prices range from a base hourly rate of $25 to $37 with usually a three (3) hour minimum. If you need cleaning supplies, they are provided by your cleaner and prices range from $5 to $10 for a general clean, $45 for move-out cleaning or specialty cleaning.

  • Remember to make all changes for additional services through our agency office. Remember all claims for accidental damage must be submitted within ten days of the job date. It is the agency’s responsibility to report any changes in job dates and job accidental breakage for your liability coverage and to monitor the income for 1099 tax purposes.