A deep Initial Cleaning may include any or all of the following:

  • Ceiling and walls washed (separate estimate)
  • Light fixtures washed
  • All woodwork, doors, baseboards washed
  • Windows, tracks, screens washed
  • All furniture vacuumed
  • All fabric & window treatments vacuumed
  • All glassware tables, vases, curio cabinets & china washed
  • All furniture moved to vacuum carpet
  • All floors washed
  • All wood furniture dusted and treated with manufacturer-recommended wood treatment Full bathrooms top to bottom
  • Full kitchen top to bottom
  • Full living rooms
  • Full dining rooms
  • Full bedrooms

You may request your own custom list of spring cleaning items.
Prices may vary according to your location and needs. For homes in the South Haven, Olive Branch, Lakeland, Eads, Collierville, etc... may be an additional $5 or $10 dollars’ compensation to the housekeeper.

Generally, our prices start at $25 dollars per hour, per person and does not include cost of cleaning supplies. Move in's and Move out’s and some special cleaning projects and estimated at $25-$47 dollars per hour per person and does not include cleaning supplies. If you prefer to buy your own cleaning materials your contractor will be glad to give you a list of products that work best for your home and cleaning needs.

 No Job will be started without a verbal agreement and full understanding between the contractor and the client.

How many people will come to you home?

Some spring cleaning Jobs and Initial cleanings can take several hours to complete, depending on the size of your home, and the amount of work to be done. We try to send 2-3 girls for larger homes. and 1 -2 girls for smaller homes. Although, they are not always available in which case we would send as many as is available. When using more than one housekeeper you add up the total number of hours each housekeeper worked. For example, Pam worked 4, Wendy worked 4, Brittany worked 4 total number billable hours is 12.

There are times that we would send 2 cleaners for a 4-hour job in which case they would only be in your home a total of 2 hours. Generally, we like to send 1 cleaner, however, when we have several jobs to do in one day it sometimes requires us to send 2 people, and you get the same amount of work done in half the time..