Professional Cleaning Services

Living room/Family room/Den

  • Vacuuming all furniture
  • Vacuuming all fabric such as window treatments designer table cloths & furniture
  • Dusting or washing all knick-knacks & sculptures
  • Washing all glass tables
  • Dusting books, lamps, tables, chair legs, window seals, shutters, etc.
  • Dust or wash light fixtures
  • Thoroughly vacuuming all carpet, corners included
  • Thoroughly vacuuming all floors
  • Floors washed
  • Windows washed (time & accessibility permitting) (see windows if more than 2 windows need washing)
  • Cobwebs
  • Washing mirrors

Hints from our housekeeping businesses:

  • Children’s toys can be picked up & put away for you however, more time can be spent in actual cleaning if items are already put away.
  • The amount of cleaning to be accomplished depends on the time you allow for completing your request. Ask your cleaning person if time permits your order.
  • Denotes general items usually cleaned in a 4-hour time period