Move in’s and Move out’s

1, 2 or 3-story homes, offices and mobile homes.

  •  Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Cupboards inside and outside washed
  • Light fixtures & ceiling fans & vents washed, light switches
  • Woodwork and baseboards washed
  • windows, tracks
  • Patios/decks washed (upon request only)
  • Floors washed or scrubbed, carpet vacuumed
  • ​For extremely dirty homes see our Extreme Clean Services.

Move in’s only we will broom clean and gentle wash the floors as we know that the movers are coming and will be scuffing up and dirtying the floors, unless the client requests floors scrubbed.

Cost is usually $150 for 4 hours of cleaning, $225 for 6 hours of cleaning, and $300 for 8 hours of cleaning. Each additional hour is billed at $37.50 per hour, per person. Cleaning supplies cost an extra $15 to $45, depending on condition the of home. Some of our contractors will use a rug doctor to clean your carpets but please be aware that they are not professional carpet cleaners and are not responsible for any damage nor can they guarantee all stains or spots will be removed. The cost for the rug doctor is $50 plus carpet shampoo. Top-to-bottom cleaning can include windows inside and out.

No job will be started or finished without a full agreement between the client and the owner of the business.