Specialty cleaning

Full Package window screen and track cleaning

This Package is included with all spring cleaning and initial cleaning, and move in/move out services. Full-house window washing must be ordered in advance and calculated in with the total number of hours purchased for you cleaning service. Windows, blinds, tracks are very time consuming and an adequate amount of time should be allowed to complete the job.

Note: Some of our cleaners are not comfortable climbing ladders so please let us know in advance so we can pair you up with the right cleaner.

  • Window washing can be done by your housekeeper, however, you will need to provide her with a ladder for any windows that she is unable to reach.
  • Two story homes would be done with a hose and special attachment to power wash higher window which also will be provided by the home owner/business owner, or the cost of the equipment will be added to your final bill upon your approval.
  • Generally, just 2 or 3 windows with easy access can be done on the same day as your housecleaning order by your housekeeper.


Full Service includes blinds

  • Windows inside and out
  • Tracks
  • Screens and screen replacements
  • Rain gutters cleaned
  • Windows
  • at one story or lower
  • at two stories or lower
  • at three stories or lower
  • Residential & commercial
  • Blind cleaning


Note: Second and Third Story windows with an advance notice only!! So we are sure to have the proper equipment with us!